How to Choose your Home Theater Screen

While you may fall asleep each night dreaming of adding a beautiful theater screen to your home, this isn’t a project you can just rush into.

You deserve to kick back and make your new home theater system the envy of everyone in the neighborhood, but accepting a “one size fits all” approach is not the way to go. Taking your time to understand your home theater screen needs is the only way to make sure your viewing experience is perfect.


Home Theater Screen Style

The first step in selecting your home theater system will be deciding whether you want a fixed or a retractable screen.

You probably have an image in your head of exactly where you would like your screen, and you may want it firmly planted. If this is the case, then you would want to look into a fixed screen, which would stay on the wall at all times.

If you want an option where the screen can raise and lower by the use of a roller, then a retractable screen is exactly what you want

While a fixed screen is normally more cost effective and easier to install, you don’t always need to use a super large screen, however, and a retractable screen can hide during your regular television viewing habits.

This is the most important first step in selecting your new home theater screen.

Amount of Light in a Home Theater

With he variables in the amount of light in each room in your house, it’s paramount to enlist the help of a professional.

Some screens may work well inside a super bright room, but what if you turn the lights off? Home theater screen manufacturers are developing screens that produce optimized pictures no matter what the environment is, but it’s important to work with a professional to make sure you select the best home theater for your exact needs.

Home Theater Screen Viewing Experience

In creating the perfect home theater system, determining wall height is an important calculation in establishing the perfect viewing experience.

With a larger home theater screen, some of your guests may not be able to fully see the bottom of the screen. Make sure to account for every viewer in your home theater room, and you may need to select a smaller screen to accommodate everyone.

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