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The Benefit of a Home Theater

Friday, March 13th, 2015


If you are looking to update your Baltimore home, there are a number of different systems that can be installed. One of the more popular systems to have installed currently is a new home theater. However, some Baltimore residents tend to believe that a home theater is an unnecessary expense. What residents fail to realize is the benefit that a new home theater can bring to a home.


Benefits of CCTV Cameras for Your Baltimore Business

Friday, October 17th, 2014

CCTVKeeping your Baltimore business secure and adequately monitored is invaluable in today’s highly competitive market. CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras can help safeguard employees and company property, as well as assist in recovery of stolen materials and help bring the perpetrators to justice. But that’s not all! Read on to find out the many ways a CCTV system can benefit your Baltimore business, some of them may surprise you.

Employee Protection

It’s an unfortunate reality of doing business that sometimes angered customers, or wanton criminals may attempt to physically assault an employee. A visually apparent CCTV system acts as an excellent deterrent against this sort of behavior. People are far less likely to commit a crime, or behave violently if there’s a chance they will be caught on tape. Even if the crime isn’t prevented, a good quality CCTV system will make identifying and bringing the perpetrators to justice all the easier.

Theft Prevention

Theft is a risk not only posed by criminal members of the public, but also by employees. Employee theft can cost Baltimore businesses thousands of dollars a year. A CCTV system will not only discourage this behavior, but also protect innocent employees from false allegations while condemning the perpetrators. It’s a win for everybody!

Dispute Settlement

If an accident occurs while you’re away from your Baltimore business, or a customer has a dispute with an employee over a transaction, it can be a difficult process to get down to the truth of what happened. A CCTV system will let you monitor your Baltimore business at all times, allowing quick dispute resolution. Often merely mentioning the fact that you have a CCTV system will prompt the dishonest party to confess or back down.

A Better Workplace

CCTV systems help honest employees and customers feel safe. Secure-feeling employees are happy, and happy employees are better working employees. The same thing goes for customers. A sense of security will make your Baltimore business a place people feel comfortable being, leading to increases in repeat business.

Down To Earth Communications

Our clients have been utilizing CCTV surveillance camera technology to reinforce security measures in order to safeguard the life, safety and wellbeing of all building occupants or residents.  Down to Earth Communication offers surveillance and CCTV packages that can be for customized each location of your Baltimore business. We install reliable and higher quality resolution cameras which provide for a total situational awareness at a location, with digital pan-tilt-zoom, night vision, motion detection with auto-record and vandal resistant casings.

To get started with an estimate, give us a call at 410.242.0000 or feel free to contact us via the website so we can help you with all of your home audio/visual needs!

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