Why You Should Have a Home Theatre System

Luxury home theater roomPicture it: the lights begin to dim as the picture on the screen flares to life, bright and vivid. The smell of freshly popped popcorn permeates the air, tickling your nose. Your home theatre is cool and dark – the best place to be to beat the summer heat. Soft leather seats envelop you and then the movie begins, wrapping you up in a world of immersive sound and picture, all because you decided to put a home theatre system in your unfinished basement. You weren’t doing much with it anyway. A home theatre system can completely transform the way that you watch movies, TV, and play video games.

  • Immersive Sound – Video games are fun to play no matter how you’re playing them, but having surround sound for games that tell stories or put you as a first person player can really make you feel like you’re in the game. You’re liable to find yourself ducking out of the way only to remember that you’re sitting in your home theatre instead of in a foreign land. Movies also come to life and allow you to be your own hero with surround sound. Imagine watching the 007 movies and being a part of the action!
  • Life Like Visuals – This depends on the type of screen you get and the size, but if you really go all out in your theatre system with an LED backlit screen or a high quality projection system, the big screen can come to life for you. You have many different options when it comes to choosing a television or projection system for your home theatre system and it all depends on what you think will work best for you. Regardless of what you choose, having a nice screen for your home theatre system is a great advantage of installing it.
  • Get the Theatre Experience at Home – Let’s face it, nobody likes the sticky floors and screaming children that you’ll almost undoubtedly come into contact with at an actual movie theatre. Watching a movie at home on your big screen, in a comfortable chair, with only your kids around is the better of the two experiences. Add a standalone popcorn machine to the room and you’ve got everything you could ever ask for out of a theatre experience without ever having to make the trip to your local movie theatre.

If you have an unfinished basement or a room that you’ve been considering putting a home theatre in, there’s no better time to do it than right now. Give yourself a cool space to hang out during the Maryland summer heat while watching your favorite movies and playing your favorite games. To learn more about your different audio/visual options for your new (or revamped) home theatre system, give us a call at 410.242.0000 or feel free to contact us via the website so we can help you with all of your home audio/visual needs!

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