A Valentine’s Date of Cinematic Proportions

Champagne bottle ready for celebrationOn Valentine’s Day movie theatres are packed to the brim with people. Some are couples trying to relive their first date, others are singles trying to escape the Valentine’s Day hype. All of these people are potential distractions from your perfect Valentine’s date. Escape the crowds with a home theatre so that you can really impress your mate.

What makes a good date?

A good date is made up of a few elements that a home theatre will definitely bring to your evening.

  1. Intimacy: With a home theatre the only people present are you and your significant other. This will allow you two to be totally focused on one another and your movie without other people disturbing you.
  2. Impression: A home theatre is very impressive. Whether this is your first date or your hundredth, your mate will definitely be paying attention when you invite them to view their favorite movie in the comfort of your home.
  3. Comfort: Time spent with the one you love should be comfortable and pleasant. If you’re at home you can dress in pajamas or snuggle up under a blanket. Odds are you’ve chosen comfy chairs for your home theatre, so you can say goodbye to the sticky, stiff chairs of conventional movie theatres. At home you can snuggle effectively.

Ah, the possibilities.

With a home theatre there are endless possibilities to make your Valentine’s Day date perfect. You can eat your favorite meal while they bring their favorite wine. Maybe you can watch your wedding video together on the big screen. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can make a video for the one you love and surprise them with it.

Ready to pop the question?

You’ve chosen the perfect romantic film. You’ve provided the perfect wine. You wait for the perfect moment. Imagine the look on your partner’s face when you kneel down and show them the ring you bought. Would you really want such an intimate moment to unfold in front of a crowd of onlookers?  If you’re planning on popping the big question this Valentine’s Day during a movie, you simply must invest in a home theatre.

Give your date the night they deserve.

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