Things to Avoid When Setting up a Home Theatre System

home theatre installationA home theatre could be a great addition to your Maryland home – providing it’s set up correctly. One of the hardest parts of getting any new type of technology is setting it up and making sure that everything is done properly. It’s time consuming and can be confusing. Deciding which cord goes to what (or how to program that cordless speaker) can lead to hours of frustration. We’ve got a few tips for setting up your home theatre system with minimal frustrations. It just takes a little bit of preparation and a willingness to learn!

Tips for Avoiding Home Theatre Catastrophes

  • Read your owner’s manual – Whether you have your new home theatre system professionally installed or you decide to install it yourself, you should always read the owner’s manual for everything that you’re installing. You’ll need to know how to run all of it as well as how everything needs to be hooked up. Taking a little extra time to peruse the owner’s manual and learn how things function will help you to better understand how things work and the best way to work them.
  • Make sure that your subwoofers and speakers are properly placed – Don’t take for granted that your speakers are set up for optimal sound without first consulting the manual and figuring out where everything needs to be. Your subwoofer will give you better quality sound if it’s placed properly in your home theatre room and if the settings are all correct. Properly placed sound equipment will help give you an immersive home theatre system.
  • Check to see that you have all of the pieces – Obviously you want to know that you have all of the pieces included for each of the components of your new home theatre system, but you also want to make sure that you have the components themselves. A crystal clear, big picture isn’t worth much without good speakers that are hooked up with all of the proper cords. Read reviews online and find out what other people are saying about the product as well as the best ways to hook up the equipment. You might be surprised at what you’re missing.

Home Theatre Installation

Home theatre systems are complicated. Many people choose to have a company help them choose and install the best equipment rather than going it alone, because there are so many things that can go wrong in the process of installing a home theatre system. At Down to Earth Communications, we can help you with the entire process, from start to finish. We take the time to meet with our clients to ensure we design and install a system that is easy to use and meets our clients’ needs for years to come.

To get started with an estimate for your new home theatre system, give us a call at 410.242.0000 or feel free to contact us via the website so we can help you with all of your commercial audio/visual needs!

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