Home Theatre Installation: Why DIY is a Don’t!

Everyone can get enjoyment out of their very own home theatre system, but can everyone install their own? That’s a different story altogether. While many home improvement projects can be easily managed by homeowners on their own, home theatre installation can get complicated. So what are some of the common DIY home theatre installation mistakes, and how can a professional installer help you avoid them? Read on to find out!

 home theatre installationHome Theatre DIY Disasters: Stick with the Pros

One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make when installing their own home theatre system is mounting the television at an improper height. Too low and you’ll miss that cinematic feel, too high and you might have to hold your head at an awkward angle in order to see your screen. Professional installers know exactly at which level your screen should be hung so that the picture is not distorted and you won’t have to contort yourself in order to see it!

When trying the “do-it-yourself” approach of home theatre installation, another issue that can come up has to do with the speakers. You want the highest quality of sound and the most impressive speakers possible, but this does not necessarily translate into massive, floor-standing speakers. The size of your room matters when it comes to speaker selection; professional installers can determine what size speaker will appropriately fill the space without becoming overwhelming.

A homespun home theatre system might seem, at first, as though it is going to save you money more than hiring professional installers would. Au contraire: what many DIYers don’t realize is that there are many more components to a home theatre system than the TV and speakers, and they end up blowing their budget on these items alone! Professional installers will ensure that you get the wiring, cables, and accessories you need, within the limits of your set budget.

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