Common Home Theater Questions


Homeowners are always searching for different and new ways to update their home. As the technology available to us continues to evolve, homeowners have the option to add different elements to their home that they once lacked. One new element homeowners can add to their home is a home theater system. A home theater is known to provide homeowners with several benefits, but many are still skeptical about the new systems. They have several questions about a home theater system and are never sure where to find the answers.  Here are some commonly asked home theater questions.

  • What will I get with a new home theater? The equipment you receive with your system will depend on the type of home theater you wish to have. A smaller unit will typically include a receiver for audio, speakers for surround sound, and a Blu-ray player. A larger home theater will typically include the previously mentioned along with larger units for projection along with larger screens. They also tend to include controls for the lighting and temperature of the room.
  • Why do I need so many speakers? – In the past, a television had only one main speaker that projected every sound from your program out into the room. With a home theater system, numerous speakers are used to create a crisper and fuller sound. Each speaker has been designed to project a specific type of sound from the programs you view, instead of each sound coming from one speaker.
  • What does Dolby Digital or DTS mean? – These terms are used when discussing sound data encoding. When each DVD or Blu-ray is created, the sound data is encoded onto the disc to then be decoded by your home theater. When the decoding occurs, your player will send out different codes to each of your speakers to create the best sound from your system.


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