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Maryland Home Automation Options

Friday, August 15th, 2014

home automation services“Home automation refers to the automatic and electronic control household features, activity and appliances. Various control systems are utilized in this residential extension of building automation,” (thanks, Comcast). In case you were wondering what home automation actually is, there you have your definition! Home automation systems are growing by leaps and bounds across the world. The sales of smart home devices doubled from 2012 to 2013, with 17.23 million wireless devices used just for home security. Home automation is used for many purposes, from security to home entertainment and ambiance.

How Can Maryland Home Automation Benefit You?

Security – Having a place to call home that you know is safe and secure is very important. More security companies are making home automation options a priority. Being able to check your CCTV cameras from anywhere in the world can give you peace of mind. Additionally, many systems let you know if a door or window has been opened in your home. This can be extremely useful in a police report as well as for quick response to a potential robbery. Home security and home automation go hand in hand.

Entertainment – If you have a Maryland home theatre system (and we certainly would encourage you to. Check out some of the benefits of that from this blog), you already know how nice it is to have that type of luxury in your home. Now imagine if you could dim the lights in the room, press play, skip the previews, and adjust the temperature of your home all from your smartphone or smart remote. That’s what home automation is offering. You don’t have to worry about sifting through 5 different remotes or getting up to dim the lights. A home automation system makes your home theatre feel like a real theatre.

Home control – You’ve probably seen that AT&T commercial where the teenagers leave home after their parents and their parents ask them if they left the house in good condition. Cut back to the house and the TV, lights, and sink have all been left on, not to mention nobody locked the door. With a few touches on his phone, the father turns everything off and ensures his home security. It’s 100% true that home automation lets you do that and it’s becoming even more sophisticated all the time. Home automation allows you to control what goes on in your house from anywhere in the world.

Home Theatre Entertainment Automation Solutions

Custom programmed remotes are the perfect way to start your foray into home automation. They can frequently be linked to your smartphone as well as all of the devices in your home. At Down to Earth Communications, we help you design a great control system by determining what functions need automating and how those functions should be grouped. Often a poorly-designed control system frustrates its user because it allows too much control. Providing control over unused options will discourage its use. We help you automate the things that you need most. To learn more about home automation and custom automated remotes, give us a call at 410.242.0000 or feel free to contact us via the website so we can help you with all of your commercial audio/visual needs!

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